Because of ATEX safety, Colbrand opted for a complete renewal of its sugar milling process, the basis for traditional Dutch spreads like chocolate sprinkles. By running the old and new plant simultaneously, the company could switch silently within half an hour.

Who doesn't know it: sprinkles and flakes, birth and stamped mice and fruit hail. Engineering manager Niek Koster gives a tour of the siege factory. The deep fragrance of cocoa hangs in the factory hall at the Lage Weide industrial estate in Utrecht. The different packs on the conveyor belt in the packing room. Further on, the white with blue or pink colored birth mice are processed into ready-to-use products. All sandwich spreads have an important ingredient in common: sugar. The four new sugar grinders therefore form the heart of the production process.

Outside, a bulk truck from Suiker Unie is filling a twelve-meter high white silo. From there, the sugar enters the grinding chamber. The glass fiber reinforced silo was the first step in the modernization project 'Haze Away'. "The gray veil is gone", Koster translates. "The old grinding installation needed to be replaced. Only thanks to a lot of cleaning work we could meet the safety requirements. We had our hands full of leaks and transport problems. Our capacity was under heavy pressure. The preprocessing of the sugar influences the entire further production process."

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